Wonder what I’ve been up to?

I can honestly say that I’ve done a lot in these past few weeks! It seems that at times I lose my concept of time. Everything kind of justrunstogether…. studiostudiostudio!


Here goes a peek at the fruits of my labor:

I made these for an exhibit at the Fishmarket Gallery…they were meant to be whimsical and happy šŸ™‚

The final:

Something in my sketchbook…there’s a LOT more in there now! More pictures from that later…

First time using a tablet! I’ve gotten a LOT better since then..this is within the first few days of being on campus. It was an experiment šŸ™‚

Day of the dead in the Free Expression Tunnel (featuring Devin Lafluer!)

Window painting in remembrance of September 11th

(Left) By Adaria Coulter and Devin Lafluer (Right) By Adaria Coulter

By Adaria Coulter, Devin Lafluer, and Sierra Coulter

Me by the phoenix! In front of Hotbox pizza on Hillsborough

Sierra, Me, and Devin šŸ™‚
Fried Ice cream! From El Senor in Knightdale! It’s always amazing

This was my first studio project…this took forever!! It was supposed to be something to accent a movement of the body. The movement I chose was the back and forth sway of the hips.

This is the current studio project (above)

Went to Sparkcon with mommy! It was terribly cold, but we had fun and I enjoyed hanging out with her šŸ™‚ She and I made this in square number 23. Sponsored by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission (CORAC)

Got to make a woodturned goblet! These are the tools

Me by the machine

The piece of wood when I got it rounded out (It started out as a block of wood)

The finished product! I went for a bulbous shape…and it turned out wonderfully:)

And now a funny to finish this off. This is a close up of the initial design of one of the comics on my Definition of Design poster….it’s a humorous commentary on the idea that “everything is design”…..and everything is NOT design!

Alright, everybody! I promised myself I’d get this done tonight…so it’s 12:34 (haha) and I’m hardly awake, and dying to take a shower and get in bed. Thanks for looking, I know it’s been a while. Have love and hugs and happiness….

And I just realized that there’s one more picture that isn’t up here. So I’m about to add it in now…maybe it’s an even better ending note than the comic. It’s why I’m here.

Love you all…have joy and sunshine, and don’t be afraid to go out and make life amazing šŸ™‚


One thought on “Wonder what I’ve been up to?

  1. BEAUTIFUL …. it”s not everyday that you find such motivation, determination and drive from our generation. Keep striving and going for what you want. Success is such a great thing. i wish you the best in all that you do!
    Love Ya Adaria keep up the good work.

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