Mutemath Concert

I finally got to go to a Mutemath concert!! That was one of the things on my to-do list of life. The concert was at the Pourhouse in Raleigh on September 12, and it’s the best concert I’ve ever seen. SO! We took a bunch of pictures and got to be a part of the amazingness of standing in the front row…it felt grand 🙂

We had a project in digital imaging where we made something called a joiner. I made my first one based off of Devin and I…it was pictures that I took in his truck, which we call the Love Box.

I submitted that one as my draft, and then decided to make the next one using Mutemath concert photos…and it turned out beautifully! It’s really funny, because now I think in joiners (we went to DC for fall break, and visited Frederick Douglass’ house–I took pictures of one of the rooms so that I can turn it into a joiner).

Overall, I think both turned out wonderfully…..and Mutemath’s new album, ODD SOUL is out now!


If you haven’t heard of them, then you’re missing out on amazingness. Interested in other songs? Check out Pins and Needles, Chaos, and Picture….They’re all wonderful! One day, I’m gonna walk down the aisle to a Mutemath song 🙂

hahaha more pictures from the concert after the concert soon…


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